How Marco Will Restore Moral Clarity to Our Cuba Policy

How Marco Will Restore Moral Clarity to Our Cuba Policy

The Obama administration’s new policy toward Cuba has been nothing more than unilateral concessions from the United States that will strengthen the brutal Castro regime and do nothing to help free the Cuban people.

The policy is based on the illusion that more commerce and access to money and goods will translate into political freedom for the Cuban people. This will not work: The Cuban people are not free because the regime — just as it does with every aspect of life — manipulates and controls to its own advantage all currency that flows into the island. More economic engagement with the U.S. means that the regime’s grip on power will be strengthened for decades to come, dashing the Cuban people’s hopes for freedom and democracy.

We need a reversal of the Obama administration’s irresponsible policy changes, and a new president that will promote freedom for the Cuban people and punish the Castro regime for its authoritarianism and cruelty.

Marco has a long record of standing up for the Cuban people. He has:

Highlighted the Suffering of the Cuban People and Democracy Activists by:

Opposed the Obama Administration’s New Cuba Policy by:

As President, Marco will:

Back Democracy and Human Rights in Cuba

Restore Cuba to the State Sponsor of Terrorism List

End Diplomatic Relations with the Castro Regime and Modernize Sanctions

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