How Marco Will Finally Get Washington Spending Under Control

How Marco Will Finally Get Washington Spending Under Control

Washington’s addiction to irresponsible spending is the result not of necessity but of a stubborn resistance to reform. Our $19 trillion debt is not just a problem for government; it is a problem for the American people. It is hurting our economy today and will shackle future generations.

Our $19 trillion debt amounts to over $150,000 per taxpayer. Our families and our children are on the hook for this. The bill might not come in the mail, but if we do nothing to change course, it will come in the form of higher taxes, cuts to our safety net, fewer jobs, and fewer opportunities to achieve the American Dream.

For those reasons, the federal government needs to cut its spending, now.

As a Senator, Marco has fought to restrain spending to protect taxpayers: He successfully blocked the massive taxpayer-funded insurance bailouts in ObamaCare and voted against budget bills filled with wasteful spending and crony capitalist giveaways. He has been named a Taxpayer Super Hero by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste and a Taxpayers’ Friend by the National Taxpayers Union.

Some of Marco’s ideas to get spending under control:

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Marco on how to let states refund unused spending to pay down the national debt. (National Review, March 16, 2015)