Powering the New American Century

Powering the New American Century

America is blessed with abundant energy resources. Thanks to new technology and innovation, we are poised to become the world’s energy superpower even as our emissions have been declining. If we harness our energy potential in the right way, and let innovation flourish, we will ensure that energy is affordable for consumers and families, help businesses grow and create jobs, protect our environment, strengthen our national security, and increase America’s influence around the world.

Affordable, reliable American energy has sparked a manufacturing renaissance, enabling America’s small businesses to compete in the global economy. To make the 21st century a New American Century, we must take full advantage of our energy potential. To do that, my plan will:

Optimize America’s Resources

Minimize Government Bureaucracy

Maximize Private Innovation

Read the detailed version of the plan by clicking here (PDF).

Here’s what some of Marco’s supporters are saying about it.

Oklahoma State Senator David Holt, Oklahoma State Chairman:

There is no question that Marco’s energy policies would prove enormously beneficial to the economies of energy-producing states like Oklahoma. By encouraging energy independence and innovation, Marco’s proposals would significantly benefit our nation’s security and economic future. There is no other candidate for president who is presenting the same level of thoughtfulness and specificity when it comes to energy policy.

West Virginia Delegate Danny Hamrick, West Virginia State Chairman:

West Virginians bear the burden of President Obama’s war on coal, and the broader war on energy, firsthand. Marco’s plan to promote American energy exploration and production will support hard working men, women, and their families in our state and the nation by reining in harmful overregulation by the EPA.

Nowhere is the disconnect between the potential of our people and the priorities of politicians as large as in energy. Plans pushed by many Democrats including Hillary Clinton are premised on the outdated and unrealistic notion that our energy potential can only be seized by the federal government handing out subsidies to favored companies and imposing new mandates and taxes on others. No matter which party is in power, Washington picking winners and losers is a recipe for failure.

Rather than distort the market, the government should instead promote competition. Policies that expand access to oil, gas, and coal development can also expand access to the development of wind, solar, nuclear, and hydropower energy. Modernizing regulations and permitting processes will help develop both traditional and alternative energy sources and encourage energy diversity.

Hillary Clinton’s energy vision is stuck in the past. Her plans would restrict consumer choice, grow the federal bureaucracy, and make energy more expensive for Americans — a burden that will fall heavily on seniors, minority communities, and the working poor.

The Clinton-Obama approach has never worked, and never will. Government must focus on the kind of basic research it does well, and let innovators take care of the rest.

To achieve our full energy potential in the 21st century, I will follow three guiding principles: optimizing America’s resources, minimizing government bureaucracy, and maximizing private innovation.

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