Strong Families for a Strong Future

Strong Families for a Strong Future

Strong families are the core of American greatness: Without strong families, America’s strong values will not endure, and the American Dream will disappear. Being raised in a stable home by a mother and a father is an incredible privilege but, unfortunately, one that is increasingly rare.

Too often in recent years, through both economic and social policy, Washington has tried to compete with families rather than support and defend them. It has left American families weaker than they once were, and the institutions that teach values and support families, such as churches and civil society groups, are ailing, too.

Federal policy must allow families to flourish and must not discourage marriage. Supporting families in the 21st century will also require new approaches to sustaining proven values.

As President, Marco will:

Reform the Tax Code to Treat Parents Fairly by:

Promote a Marriage Culture by:

Op-Eds and Speeches

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